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Proposal Drawing for Riverfront Heritage Trail, Kansas City, MO, 2001-02

Mixed media on vellum, 26 x 36".

The size and shape of Blind are based on an old house that once existed near the site. Blind itself is a quiet place surrounded by a watery habitat that will become home to countless species when the old parking lot in Kansas City's River market area becomes a wetland. Blind is designed with viewing slits and a "crows nest" upstairs for longer views across the wetland and Missouri River. Nesting platforms are built in the "chimney" and on ledges in the stonework. Lingering there, human visitors may see a turtle basking on a log or a blue heron stretching its wings.  Here, screened from view, city people can quietly connect with the natural world in a place that encourages observation, contemplation and listening.